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Liquid Phase Applications
> Refining and bleaching of vegetable oils
> Purification of potable and beverage water
> Treatment of municipal and industrial waste water
> Remediation of contaminated ground water by absorbing pesticides
> Purification of aquarium and pond water
> Purification, extraction and adsorption of pharmaceuticals and chemicals
> Solvent recovery
> Removal of color and odor contaminants in food industries
  Gas Phase Applications
> Air purification systems like indoor air conditioning and industrial air cleaning systems
> Adsorption of hydrocarbon vapors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
> Solvent vapor recovery
> Clarification and purification of effluent and industrial gas
> Automotive evaporation control systems
> Gas masks and cigarette filters
  Gold Recovery
Processes using activated carbon have been adopted to recover gold from low grade ores and residue streams are:
> Carbon-in-pulp (CIP)
> Carbon in leach (CIL)
> Carbon-in-column (CIC)


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